To Join Us

How to join our group

People from all over the world who have strong enthusiasm for scientific research and a passion for developing novel energy conversion materials by designing and controlling functions at the molecular scale are welcomed to conduct graduate- and PhD-level research in our group. For those who are considering joining our group, please first contact Assoc. Prof. Y. Murakami via e-mail; the e-mail address is shown in the “Contact Us” section. After preliminary matching of research interests and confirmation of other relevant issues by e-mail correspondence or online interview, candidates can apply to the Department of Mechanical Engineering of Tokyo Institute of Technology to become a graduate student. For those outside Japan, there are several routes through which candidates can apply to become a graduate student. Detailed information about application to the International Graduate Program (IGP) is given in the link below.

Those who have a scholarship from their own country are also considered based on the IGP. For further information, please contact us.

Research projects

For our research aims and projects, please refer to “About Us“ in the “Home“ section and descriptions in the “Research“ and “Publication“ sections. We are not currently studying carbon nanotubes.